Why you should take us up on the Martial Arts Classes we offer.

Siobhan Hayes coaches Karate classes in Skipton and KeighleyFor me, it is important to find an exercise that I enjoy doing alongside the Body-Building and Cardio I do in the gym in Cross Hills. I find it hard to simply work out without taking on another activity.

One of the Martial Arts Classes in the Gym in Cross Hills is a great way to fill the gaps in your exercise regime. Its a great way to have fun whilst keeping fit and socialising. Who knows, you may even reveal a talent that you never knew you had and start competing in your chosen martial art.

Why Take Up A Martial Arts Class?

Martial Arts are great sports to take up for a number of reasons, they:

Encourage self discipline.
By taking up a martial arts class you will help to increase your self discipline. You will only improve by attending regular sessions and training regularly. You will learn to control your emotions and will probably find yourself becoming more disciplined in other areas of fitness and elsewhere.

Improve Self Defence
Martial Arts are perfect for learning self defence. Even if you find yourself never being in a situation where you have to defend yourself, the confidence you will gain from classes is invaluable. It will translate into confidence in other aspects of your work and social life.

Improve Fitness
Sparring is a great cardio workout and grappling on the floor utilises every muscle in the body. Most Martial Arts are great for improving general fitness levels and building functional strength.

Encourage competition
By taking up a Martial Art you have the opportunity to compete against other practitioners. This is great fun and is a massive incentive for many people to train.

At No 1 Fitness Centre you have the opportunity to try out a wide range of martial arts classes and other fitness classes as well as using the gym facilities. Taking up a Martial Art is a great way to try something new and fun, improve fitness, learn a useful skill and gain both the confidence and self discipline needed in everything you do.

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